Connecting Hume PC Awards

Connecting Hume PC Awards 2013 winners


Hume City Council was proud to recognise the outstanding work of young students at an awards and recognition evening on Thursday 6 June, as part of the annual Connecting Hume PC Awards program. This year 44 lucky students were rewarded with a new laptop computer and one year of free internet access.

Since 2004, every primary school in Hume City is asked to nominate an outstanding student from grade 4 to 5 who demonstrates a passion for learning and has been identified as students who would benefit from computer and internet access at home.

2012 Connecting Hume PC Awards

Watch a short video with some of our 2012 winners.

The Connecting Hume PC Awards program is a Council initiative run in partnership with the Hume Global Learning Village.

For more information please call the Hume Learning Coordinator on 9356 6999.


Updated : 2:41 PM, 21 January 2014

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