About Hume Volunteer Gateway
Hume Volunteer Gateway (HVG) is a free community service that connects people who want to volunteer with organisations that need volunteers.
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteering is rewarding, fulfilling and fun. See what latest Volunteer Opportunities are available.
Information for Volunteers
Volunteering is rewarding, fulfilling and fun. It benefits you and your community.
Information for Organisations
Not-for-profit organisations, community groups, social enterprises, schools, sporting and social clubs can all benefit from the diverse range of talents and experiences of volunteers.
Volunteer Stories
Read about the wonderful work our volunteers are doing and some of their inspirational stories.
Volunteering for emergency recovery
If you are interested in volunteering during or after an emergency, there is some important information you must know first.

Updated : 9:24 AM, 7 August 2013

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