3064 Community Support Fund Grant


The 3064 Community Support Fund Grants have been established to respond to local community needs and reduce barriers to access and participation by residents residing in Craigieburn and surrounds (postcode 3064). 

Examples of local community needs include: mobility aids; assistive technologies; support for participation in local community based social, educational, leisure; health and wellbeing programs or activities. 


Applicants must:

  • Be registered under the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 with a proven track record in the delivery of activities, programs and services.
  • Be a community service provider based in Hume City, and/or delivers services in Hume City.
  • The community service provider is to apply on behalf of an individual or family.
  • The community Service provider will be responsible for all reporting and acquittal requirements.
  • 100% of funding provided is to go to the individual or family.
  • Identity a proposal to assist an individual, child, young person or family residing within postcode 3064 experiencing hardship and/or barriers to access and participation in the Hume Community as identified by the applicant.
  • Demonstrate an urgent or unforeseen need that cannot be met by the affected party.
  • Demonstrate that the applicant cannot meet this need through other funding sources including other grant programs.
  • Have no outstanding debts with Hume City Council
  • Have satisfactory acquitted previous funding received by Hume City Council
  • Distribute and acquit funds in accordance with grant’s requirements. 

Applicants must not: 

  • Propose a program to assist a recipient of this grant category from previous rounds.
  • Propose a program that will duplicate or top-up existing services or grant programs.

 *Community Service providers can submit multiple applications on behalf of different individuals, children, young people or families. However, individuals and families may only receive one grant for the five year period.

**Applications are accepted throughout the year until funds are exhausted.

***This grant category is time-limited (2019-2023) and is funded by community contributions from a local gaming venue.

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Updated : 8:00 AM, 15 May 2019

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