Specialist Partnership Grant (Reducing gambling harm)

OPENS 15 MAY 2019 - FUNDS AVAILABLE UP TO $10,000 for two years

The Specialist Partnership Grant (Reducing Gambling Harm) has been designed to deliver new and innovative services, programs and projects to prevent and reduce the harms related to gambling for residents living in Hume. 

Applications for the Specialist Partnership Grant (Reducing Gambling Harm) are sought from established community service providers that have a proven track record in the delivery of services, programs or projects that focus on the prevention and reduction of harms from gambling.  

The Specialist Partnership Grant (Reducing Gambling Harm) category is available in three Focus Areas:

  • Focus Area 1 - At Risk:   Services, programs and projects that target specific community groups who are associated with a greater risk of gambling harm, including, but limited to, older persons, young adults, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Cultural and Linguistically Diverse communities, and persons with disabilities.
  • Focus Area 2 - Normalisation:  Services, programs or projects that disrupt the “normalisation” of gambling, including, but not limited to, poker machines, sports betting, online/PC gaming through, for example a public communication campaign.
  • Focus Area 3 - Take-up of services:   Services, programs or projects that increase the uptake of services or extend the reach of services for Hume residents in order to address the harms to those directly affected or are indirectly affected by gambling. 

Applicants can only apply for one Focus Area per funding round. Council will have the discretion to decide how the funds are distributed across the three categories.

  • Discuss their proposal with Council’s Community Grants Officer by calling 9205 2200 prior to submission.
  • Be registered under the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 and must have a proven track record in the delivery of gambling harm services, programs or projects.
  • Be community service providers based in Hume City and/or that delivers services in Hume City.
  • Projects that require an auspice are ineligible.
  • The proposed service program or activity must not duplicate any existing projects or program activities.
  • Contribute towards the cost of the project on a ratio of $1 for $1 (Council $1: Applicant $1). This contribution can be demonstrated either by cash or in-kind support.
  • Applicants must provide evidence (quotes, staff timesheets) to support the project budget, including evidence to support matching funding.
  • Not have outstanding debts with Council
  • Have satisfactorily acquitted previous funding received by Hume City Council.
  • Run the activity or project from a location within Hume and/or show that it will substantially benefit residents of Hume City.
  • Engage with Council in the design of their project and be prepared to share the project’s findings and learnings at Council at regular intervals. 

*This grant category is time-limited (2019-2023) and is funded by community contributions from a local gaming venue.

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Updated : 8:00 AM, 15 May 2019

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