Individual Development Grant

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Grant amount: up to $750 (open all year)

This grant is awarded to individuals to create opportunities for skill development, professional development, networking and learning, and skill sharing in Hume communities.

Funding in this category is available to support individuals with the costs associated with attending recognised opportunities that further their development. These opportunities must provide a clearly identified benefit to the Hume community.

Examples include:

  • Arts and culture development and learning opportunities for artists active in Hume’s community
  • Opportunities to participate in State, National and international forums that will bring new skills and knowledge to the Hume community
  • Leadership and professional development opportunities that will help build leadership capacity of the Hume community

Grant amounts will be allocated in recognition of the travel costs involved for each of the following locations:

  • Regional opportunities: $150
  • National opportunities: $400
  • International opportunities $750


Applicants must:

  • Be a Hume resident
  • Provide evidence of selection from the relevant organisation
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to their area of endeavour
  • Apply at least two months prior to the date of their event, or opportunity for which they are seeking funding
  • Have no outstanding debts with Hume City Council
  • Have satisfactorily acquitted any previous funding received by Hume City Council

In addition:

  • Applications for sporting events are ineligible under this program but may be eligible for Council’s Sports Aid Grants
  • Applicants will be funded only once per year for each level of this grant (local, regional, national, and international)


Applications are accepted throughout the year until funds are exhausted.

Updated : 2:16 PM, 17 April 2020

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