Failure to Vote - Council Elections 2016

Didn’t vote in the October 2016 local council elections?

The Victorian Electoral Commission sent ‘Apparent failure to vote’ notices to people who appeared not to have voted in the 2016 council elections. If you did not respond to the apparent failure to vote notice or if the excuse you provided was not considered sufficient, you would have received an infringement notice with a fine of $78 (half a penalty unit).

The Victorian Electoral Commission is now sending penalty reminder notices to persons who did not pay the $78.00 penalty imposed for failing to vote at. As the penalty is now overdue, $22.60 prescribed costs have been added to the penalty.

Persons who receive the penalty reminder notice are advised that they must either pay $100.60 or elect to have the matter heard and determined by a Court by Wednesday 5 July 2017.

Instructions on the methods of payment and how to make an application to have the matter determined by a Court are included on the penalty reminder notice.

Please note that Council cannot accept payments on behalf of the VEC.

For all enquiries please contact the VEC’s compulsory voting centre on 1300 551 575 or visit   


Updated : 12:02 PM, 26 May 2017

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