Broadmeadows Train Station Redevelopment

What is the project?

A redevelopment of Broadmeadows Railway Station is proposed which will establish Broadmeadows as a primary transport interchange node in Melbourne’s outer north. The redevelopment of the Broadmeadows Railway Station and its immediate surrounds will deliver:

  • A new station identity and street address on the intersection of Tanderrum Way and Pascoe Vale Road.
  • An effective multi-modal interchange for train, bus, taxi, vehicle, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Significantly improved connection between the east and west sides of the Broadmeadows Metro Activity Centre (MAC).
  • Enhanced viability and facilitate redevelopment of underutilised government and private land holdings.
  • Space to accommodate future grade separated connection across the rail corridor.
  • Development of mixed use opportunities to facilitate commercial development.
  • Improved passenger circulation and distribution, amenity, access and safety and;
  • Improved disability compliant access to platforms. 

Why is it important to the Hume City community? 

An outdated facility with poor accessibility and an unkempt appearance negatively impacts perceptions of safety, is inconsistent with encouraging contra flow to Broadmeadows and does not support the Plan Melbourne objective of a 20-Minute Neighbourhood.

Additionally it negatively impacts on people’s perception of Broadmeadows and is not in keeping with the development of new train stations such as Epping and Williams Landing - all of which provide a warm and inviting environment to encourage safe public transport usage throughout Melbourne.  

The support we need

A $35 million funding commitment to redevelop the Broadmeadows Train Station to assist in improving public transport provision in the capital of Melbourne’s north. 

Updated : 3:55 PM, 28 January 2016

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