Bulla Bypass

What is the issue?

The proposed Bulla Bypass is an arterial road that is critical to relieving pressure on the Sunbury Bulla Road and improving connectivity between Sunbury and the existing and future employment nodes and service centres in the Northern Growth Corridor. It is important in the short-term to provide capacity along Sunbury-Bulla Road for future development in Sunbury’s East.

The vehicle volumes along Sunbury Road are in excess of 25,000 vehicles per day which alone identifies Sunbury Road as requiring duplication but population forecasts predicting Sunbury’s population will increase by 12,000 or 30% by 2020 and 70% by 2030, means something has to be planned sooner rather than later.

Why is it important to the Hume City community?

Traffic accidents continue along Sunbury Road in spite of upgrades at Oaklands Road and Melbourne-Lancefield Road. There have been 60 crashes in the last 5 year recorded period. Two of these were fatalities and 27 resulted in serious injuries.

Council is pleased that the Bulla Bypass Planning Study has identified a preferred route for the Bulla Bypass and that work has commenced on the process for a Planning Scheme Amendment. To enable the planned growth of Sunbury, it is important that work to build the road commences quickly once the alignment is secured

The support we need

Council is seeking a commitment for work on the Bulla Bypass to proceed quickly once the Planning Scheme Amendment has been completed to secure the alignment.

What can you do? Help us advocate and be heard!


Updated : 4:19 PM, 20 March 2020

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