Somerton Road Duplication

What is the issue?

Somerton Road is currently duplicated between Hume Highway and Roxburgh Park Drive. Vehicles and cyclists travelling further west must negotiate a single carriageway to Mickleham Road, with over 20,000 vehicles per day using this section of Somerton Road, often bringing it to a standstill. An un-divided road also poses significant safety concerns when traffic volumes reach this level.  

Why is it important to the Hume City community?

Inadequate public transport provision in Greenvale and Craigieburn West and Craigieburn North has led to an overreliance on car usage with over 72% of Greenvale residents, 69% of Craigieburn residents and over 70% of Roxburgh Park residents driving to work by car.  The growth taking place in Greenvale (population predicted to double by 2036) and Craigieburn (population predicted to increase by 50% by 2036) has led to the demand for Aitken Boulevard (on the E14 reservation).
Government investment in Somerton Road will alleviate current traffic congestion and mitigate the implications of future population growth in this important part of Melbourne’s north.

The support we need

The Victorian Government to provide immediate funding to duplicate Somerton Road between Roxburgh Park Drive and Kirkham Drive.

Updated : 3:56 PM, 9 August 2019

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