All welcome to forum on faith

Faith, culture and social harmony within one of Melbourne’s most diverse municipalities will be discussed and celebrated at a special event organised by the Hume Interfaith Network.

Residents are invited to attend One Community Many Faiths, at the Hume Global Learning Centre in Broadmeadows, on Wednesday 5 August 2015 from 10am to 3pm.

Hume Mayor, Councillor Adem Atmaca, said the theme of the forum would highlight one of the best aspects of Hume.

“The forum will focus on understanding social cohesion, since Hume is one of the most diverse and welcoming communities in Australia,” Cr Atmaca said.

“Our residents come from more than 160 different countries and speak in excess of 140 languages, and we are so proud to live in peace and friendship.”

The Hume Interfaith Network has collaborated for 14 years and assists people of different faiths and cultural groups to meet regularly to learn from each other, and nurture friendship and inclusivity across Hume.

It has organised experts on cultural relations to address the One Community Many Faiths forum, which will be facilitated by Pino Migliorino, an expert on multicultural communications.

Keynote speakers at the event include:

• Tasneem Chopra, a cross-cultural consultant and activist who was named in The Australian Magazine’s top ten thinkers list and who was also bestowed the title of Woman of the Year at the 2013 Australian Muslim Achievement Awards;
• Professor Greg Barton, an expert on Indonesia at Monash University who has worked for many years to help people better understand Islam and Muslim society; and
• Wayne Miller, from the Community Resilience Unit of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, which works to enhance social unity across Victoria.

Cr Atmaca said a key part of the day would involve young people.

“The Hume Interfaith Network’s youth ambassadors have travelled across Hume in recent months to talk to young people about their journey with faith,” he said.

“The ambassadors met with members of the Assyrian/Chaldean Ancient Church of the East youth group, and visited the Daham Niketanaya Temple in Yuroke to speak with representatives of the Buddhist community.

“They will continue their conversations with young people about how to further strengthen harmony in Hume, and shall discuss the results of their initial outreach at the One Community Many Faiths forum.”

The Hume Interfaith Network’s youth ambassadors are Salat Youhana, Mohamed Yussuf, Phillip Di, Nisal Karawita and Elgaili Mangati.

Cr Atmaca congratulated the members of the Hume Interfaith Network on the important role they played in the community.

“The leaders of our churches, mosques and temples are committed to the values of peace and social harmony, and work to strengthen understanding,” he said.

“They are an important part of a community that respects and cherishes the differences between us, and Hume City Council will continue to work with our leaders of faith to maintain a welcoming municipality.”

The Hume Interfaith Network is guided by an executive that consists of six faith leaders and six prominent community leaders.

The network includes representatives from Hume City Council and the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship.

People who wish to attend the One Community Many Faiths forum should RSVP before Friday 31 July 2015 to Alana Winter at Hume City Council on 03 9205 2565 or

Updated : 9:50 AM, 22 July 2015

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