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A 19 year old Roxburgh Park violinist who has played with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is set to be honoured as part of the 2016 Hume Arts Awards.

Josef Hanna first started to learn how to play the stringed instrument at the age of four.

The music-lover performed at the Victorian Arts Centre during last year’s Melbourne Festival, and has been a regular member of the Melbourne Youth Orchestra.

Hume Mayor, Councillor Helen Patsikatheodorou, said Josef was one of a number of very talented artists who called Hume home.

“Hume City Council will this year recognise 11 people with arts awards, and we are so impressed by their talents,” Cr Patsikatheodorou said.

“The winners are set to include a Craigieburn resident who has performed in the Turkish Olympiad for singing, and a Sunbury woman who explores the mysterious cosmos through

“The 2016 recipients of Hume’s arts awards show tremendous creativity, and the winners’ list includes poets, painters, drawers, musicians, and even a print-maker.

“We’ve recognised more than 50 residents since the annual Hume Arts Awards commenced, and this year’s recipients are up there with the very best.”

Amongst the winners will be Chester Vega, who is set to exhibit a new series of highly emotive drawings this July at the Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery in Craigieburn.

Also to be honoured are two young people who have written scripts for Hume City Council’s bourgeoning Craigieburn Youth Theatre.

The major categories in the 2016 Hume Arts Awards are:

• Established Visual Artist (Over 30) - Award, to be won by Chester Vega of Craigieburn, a graduate in painting from the University of the Philippines;
• Emerging Visual Artist (Under 30) – Award, to be won by Sunbury’s Bonnie Hanlon, who has explored a range of subject matters through painting, drawing and collage;
• Emerging Performing Artist / Writer (Under 30) – Award, to be presented to Josef Hanna of Roxburgh Park, who regularly plays the violin with Outer Urban Projects;
• Emerging Visual Art (Under 30) – Recognition, to be won by Greenvale’s Nathan Mizzi, a talented print-maker who is determined to establish his own studio and gallery;
• Emerging Performing Artist / Writer (Under 30) – Recognition, to be presented to Joanna Ucu Kaisila of Craigieburn, who can sing and play a variety of instruments and has performed in major productions with Outer Urban Projects;
• Emerging Performing Artist / Writer (Under 30) – Recognition, to be presented to Ruci Ucu Kaisila of Craigieburn, a talented singer and musician who has performed at school, church and cultural events;
• Youth – Recognition, to be presented to Craigieburn’s Bianca Welsh-Jayne, the writer of short stories and poems with positive feminist messages; and
• Youth – Recognition, to be won by Nisa Atlas of Craigieburn, who has scripted plays that explore bullying and domestic violence, with some of Nisa’s work performed during National Youth Week.

A total of three Hume residents also received grants to assist their professional development.

Cr Patsikatheodorou said the recipients of this year’s Hume Arts Awards would receive a big boost.

“The winners will each share in $18,000 of prize money, which can help pay for things like art materials and further study,” she said.

“Hume is filled with people of very diverse talents, and I call on everyone to support the work of our local artists.”

For further information about the Hume Arts Awards, visit here.

Posted on 12:00 AM, 1 June 2016

Updated : 10:11 AM, 1 June 2016

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