Bypass needed now

Hume City Council today welcomed a report by Planning Panels Victoria which has recommended that the Bulla Bypass and the first stage of the Melbourne Airport Link be built as soon as possible.

Hume CEO, Domenic Isola, said the projects were essential to help relieve traffic on Sunbury Road.

“Sunbury Road carries more than 20,000 vehicles every day and is often bumper-to-bumper through Bulla in peak hour,” Mr Isola said.

“More and more people are moving to the vibrant township of Sunbury, and planning has commenced to further develop the area.

“Precinct Structure Plans anticipate an additional 14,000 extra homes to the east of Sunbury, and we expect there will be thousands of new dwellings along Lancefield Road and Sunbury Road.

“Without the Bulla Bypass, Sunbury Road will simply not cope with the increase in traffic, so it is essential that design and construction commences soon.”

Mr Isola said works would be required on Sunbury Road itself.

“While the Bulla Bypass should greatly alleviate congestion on Sunbury Road and improve the amenity of Bulla, Sunbury Road would still be utilised by motorists to access the bypass,” he said.

“Hume City Council has advocated for many years to successive State Governments on the need to duplicate Sunbury Road so that it can offer a smooth and safe commute for an increasing number of families.”

Hume City Council recommended in its submission to Planning Panels Victoria that VicRoads consider carefully any acquisition of land.

“The plans by VicRoads might fragment properties to the point where they ultimately hinder the way owners can use their land, and the plans should also minimise any impact on the environment,” he said.

Hume City Council has campaigned for the Bulla Bypass for a number of years as part of its advocacy program.

Further information is here.

Updated : 12:58 PM, 12 June 2015

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