Cleaned up…in a blitz!

Hume City Council has completed 151 separate maintenance tasks as part of its innovative Hume Clean blitzes.

In the past three months, Council officers have descended on six areas to help improve the appearance of streets, parks and Council buildings.

The most recent clean-ups occurred in Broadmeadows, Sunbury West and Roxburgh Park.

Hume Mayor, Councillor Adem Atmaca, said each blitz lasted five days and involved many officers.

“We’ve scrubbed off graffiti at 20 different sites and removed rubbish that had been dumped across 27 locations, in parks and along streets,” Cr Atmaca said.

“Council officers also repaired park seats, restored or replaced 34 broken signs, and dealt with damage to 22 pit lids and seven sections of road or kerb.

“Our parks crew was very busy because they applied mulch to garden beds, and trimmed and collected branches from trees.

“They also mowed long grass and removed trip hazards along footpaths and nature strips.”

Council officers pinpointed 59 additional tasks to be completed in the future, such as road improvements, tree pruning, and new planting.

They also issued 192 notices to property owners who, for example, had unsightly premises, overhanging branches or landscaping which was not authorised.

Hume City Council organised free neighbourhood BBQs ahead of three maintenance blitzes, so that residents could speak face-to-face with Councillors and Council officers to suggest areas that needed a spruce-up.

Cr Atmaca said the Hume Clean blitz had made a big difference.

“The clean-ups were comprehensive and I’m confident that people will notice the improvements,” he said.

“We want all residents to have pride in their neighbourhoods, and Hume is keen to ensure our streets, parks and Council buildings look clean and well-maintained.

“I wish to thank everyone who rolled up their sleeves to assist our blitzes, including volunteers who helped out at BBQs and residents who alerted Council officers to places that needed attention.”

Council will continue to maintain public areas across the municipality, and has undertaken an audit to pinpoint every instance of graffiti.

The review, conducted in May and June 2015, identified 1139 locations with graffiti, and a total of 14,453 square metres of illegal scrawl.

Cr Atmaca said Hume has a zero tolerance approach to graffiti.

“Council works hard to eradicate graffiti, and we’re supported by an army of volunteers who are dedicated to enhancing the appearance of Hume,” he said.

“Residents are encouraged to report graffiti to Council so that we can either eliminate it ourselves or supply a free removal kit.

“The packs include items that residents need to wash away graffiti from private property, and are suited to painted or perspex surfaces, as well as brick, stone and masonry facades.”

Residents who would like to report graffiti or Council areas that require maintenance may call 1300 HUME CLEAN.

Updated : 8:58 AM, 10 July 2015

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