Helping residents avoid asbestos

Residents are invited to attend a free information session about a material which is commonly found in older homes: asbestos.

Asbestoswise will present two sessions to provide people with accurate details about asbestos, and ways to stay safe around products that have been made with the fibres.

Hume Mayor, Councillor Helen Patsikatheodorou, said she hoped the sessions would help to demystify an important subject.

“There is no simple way to say it: asbestos fibres are dangerous, and people who breathe in these fibres have a greater risk of developing asbestos-related diseases,” Cr Patsikatheodorou said.

“While asbestos can be a scary topic, it is important that we talk about it because there are ways that people can protect themselves from the fibres.

“We know more about asbestos than ever before, and the information sessions will offer some very good advice.”

The information sessions will take place on Wednesday 9 March 2016 at the Hume Global Learning Centre – Broadmeadows, with the first session to run from 9.30am to 10.30am, and the second to start at 6.30pm and conclude at 7.30pm.

Cr Patsikatheodorou said residents would only need to attend one of the comprehensive seminars.

“Asbestos can be a complicated topic and it often raises many questions,” she said.

“Experts from Asbestoswise will deliver information in an easy-to-understand manner, and there will be plenty of time for questions.

“Each session will identify some of the places in the home where people may find asbestos.

“Presenters shall also outline the ways that residents can test whether a product contains asbestos, and the procedures that will assist people to safely remove materials which contain asbestos.”

Asbestos was used in building products for 50 years, and homes constructed prior to 1990 are likely to contain some asbestos.

Cr Patsikatheodorou said she didn’t want residents to unwittingly expose themselves to asbestos fibres.

“It’s vital to always pause before you start work on your home and consider: could my building materials contain asbestos?” she said.

“Home renovators should always be cautious if they don’t know what they are about to work with, and I strongly encourage people to attend a session on asbestos in March.”

Asbestoswise is a not-for-profit agency funded by the Australian Government, and Hume City Council supports its Broadmeadows sessions.

Residents who attend an information session will have the opportunity to purchase a domestic asbestos removal kit.

For further details, or to register your interest in a session on asbestos, call Hume City Council on 03 9205 2200.

Posted on 12:00 AM, 8 February 2016

Updated : 9:54 AM, 10 February 2016

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