Home burglary motivates talks on security tips

A letter from a resident about a home break-in has motivated Hume City Council to host three sessions on how property owners can reduce their risk of a home burglary.

Earlier this year, the Greenvale resident wrote to Council after burglars had broken into his house.

In response, Council has asked Victoria Police to present information sessions on crime prevention and home safety, following on from Community Safety Month.

Hume Mayor, Councillor Adem Atmaca, said that some residents in Hume were worried about home burglaries.

“Anyone who has ever been burgled knows just how terrible this crime is,” Cr Atmaca said.

“Residents who arrive home and find that their house or unit has been targeted by thieves often feel personally violated.

“Victims of burglaries often suffer a great deal of anxiety, and the crime can be particularly damaging when it affects children and our senior citizens.

“Every resident in Hume, from Sunbury to Campbellfield, and from Broadmeadows to Mickleham, has the right to feel safe in their home.

“Our homes are where we bring up our families, care for our loved ones, and celebrate life’s joys, and nobody should intrude.”

The sessions on home safety will take place at 7pm on the following days:

• Wednesday 11 November 2015, at the Greenvale Recreation Reserve, 27 Barrymore Road, Greenvale;
• Thursday 19 November 2015, at the Sunbury Neighbourhood House, 531 Elizabeth Drive, Sunbury; and
• Tuesday 24 November 2015, at the Attwood Neighbourhood House, 202 Erinbank Crescent, Attwood.

Victoria Police’s Hume Crime Prevention Officer, Jacqui Newman, will speak at the information sessions, which will also include brief talks by local residents’ groups.

Cr Atmaca said attendees would receive many handy tips on how to improve security at home.

“There are many things that residents can do to deter burglars,” he said.

“It’s really important to check that the locks on your doors and windows work correctly, and people who wish to install a home alarm should make sure that it meets Australian standards.

“Lights that are activated by motion can be really effective, because burglars don’t like to be noticed.

“If you work around the garden, please ensure you always lock any tools away in the shed afterwards, so that they can’t be used to assist a break-in.

“Cut up cardboard boxes that show you have bought expensive electrical goods if you intend to place the packaging out for a waste pick-up.

“Don’t leave a spare key outside where experienced burglars might find it, and perhaps consider whether to give the key to a trusted friend.”

For further information about the presentations on home safety and to RSVP, call Hume City Council’s Social Development Department on 03 9205 2437.

Posted on 12:00 AM, 27 October 2015

Updated : 12:05 PM, 27 October 2015

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