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The owner of two dogs that lived at an auto wreckers business in Coolaroo has been successfully prosecuted by Hume City Council in a shocking case of animal cruelty.

On Friday 26 June 2015, Christakis Katranis pleaded guilty at Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court to 16 charges, including the failure to provide proper and sufficient food, water and shelter to a male Doberman dog in his care.

On several occasions between July and October 2014, Council and RSPCA officers visited the industrial site at 50 Kyabram Street, and found the Doberman and a female German Shepherd in make-shift pens.

The Doberman was particularly thin, and both dogs were chained to a fence in filthy conditions, unable to access adequate food or water.

Officers told the owner to register the animals, provide food and water, and place the dogs in an enclosure that had shelter and measured at least 20 square metres.

On the final visit to the premises, Council and RSPCA officers discovered both dogs still tethered to a fence.

Hume Mayor, Councillor Adem Atmaca, said the details of the case would shock many people.

“These animals were used as guard dogs, but their owner failed to guard their welfare,” Cr Atmaca said.

“It is hard to imagine how anyone could deny a dog the basic requirements for existence, being room to move, some shelter, and food and water.

“Council initially offered the owner a chance to improve conditions for the dogs but he failed to take any notice, so we acted for the sake of the animals.”

Magistrate John Bentley ordered that Mr Katranis pay more than $10,000 in fines and legal costs, and directed that he not own a dog for five years.

Cr Atmaca said the two adult dogs were now in a much safer environment.

“The Lost Dogs Home helped to find a home for the Doberman, and I’m told he exhibits a wonderful personality,” he said.

“The German Shepherd now also lives at a private residence, and that’s been a relief to everyone involved in this investigation.

“Hume is a compassionate place, and Council will act with rigour each and every time we receive a report about the abuse of animals.

“The maltreatment of dogs or any creature has no place in our municipality, and it’s abhorrent to virtually every one of us.

“I encourage any resident who has information about cruelty to animals to contact Hume City Council so that our officers can investigate.”

Other charges that Mr Katranis pleaded guilty to included the failure to keep his guard dogs in a prescribed enclosure, and the failure to register the animals, display warning signs and ensure both dogs wore a collar.

For further information about animal management in Hume, visit here or call 03 9205 2200.

Posted on 12:00 AM, 31 July 2015

Updated : 9:18 AM, 31 July 2015

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