New data: congestion Hume’s BBQ stopper

New data shows that daily traffic on parts of Craigieburn Road has risen by 1,206 vehicles in just the past 12 months.

Hume City Council has today released the results of recent traffic counts, and the figures demonstrate how important it is to duplicate major arterials across the municipality.

In the past year, daily vehicle numbers on Craigieburn Road, east of Mickleham Road, rose by 8.3 per cent to 15,701.

The volume of vehicles also increased sharply each day on Craigieburn Road between Rayfield Avenue and Selwyn Avenue, from 27,380 in 2015 to 28,197 in 2016.

Hume Mayor, Councillor Helen Patsikatheodorou, said she hoped that major political parties would help to duplicate Craigieburn Road after the federal election.

“If ever there was a federal election issue in Hume, this has to be it,” Cr Patsikatheodorou said.

“The single-lane carriageway of Craigieburn Road gets busier and busier every year, and it’s a real handbrake on our local economy.

“The road is congested every day, and it slows down our residents as they commute to work and makes it harder for couriers to deliver parts to local factories.

“The issue is a BBQ stopper, and now is the time to duplicate a road that has changed little since Craigieburn was farmland.

“The suburb represents one of Australia’s fastest growing areas, with Hume’s population set to jump by almost 150,000 people across the next 25 years.”

Hume City Council commissioned the traffic data, which has also shown that Sunbury-Bulla Road was now busier than ever before.

In the past 12 months, the number of vehicles every day on the thoroughfare near Loemans Road has jumped by 12.4 per cent.

Cr Patsikatheodorou said that this meant an additional 2,693 vehicles now travelled through Bulla, compared with last year.

“It’s getting worse, with a whopping 24,395 bikes, cars and trucks every day on the single lanes of Sunbury-Bulla Road,” she said.

“These vehicles must negotiate the narrow bridge which traverses across Deep Creek, and it can be a very dangerous commute for our families.

“Hume has consistently called for both sides of politics to commit to the Bulla Bypass, to take traffic away from a township which chokes in the morning and afternoon.

“If the Bulla Bypass is not built, and Sunbury Road remains largely a single lane in each direction, things will only get much worse.

“In the years ahead, we anticipate that an additional 14,000 homes will be built to the east of Sunbury, and thousands of extra dwellings constructed along Lancefield Road and Sunbury Road.”

New research also indicates severe increases in daily traffic along:

  • Mickleham Road, where vehicle numbers to the north of Somerton Road have jumped by 11.8 per cent in the past 12 months (23,693 in 2016, up from 21,181 in 2015); and
  • Somerton Road, with movements west of McPherson Boulevard up by 12 per cent (25,254 in 2016, compared with 22,542 in 2015).

Hume City Council supports the National Growth Areas Alliance’s Fund our Future campaign, which calls on the Australian Government to establish an infrastructure fund so that major road upgrades can be achieved on the basis of need.

For further information on arterials that need to be built or duplicated across Hume, visit here.

Posted on 12:00 AM, 3 June 2016

Updated : 8:51 AM, 8 June 2016

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