Seize the May 5 moment

An upgrade of car parking at Craigieburn Train Station should be included in next month’s State Budget, Hume Mayor, Councillor Adem Atmaca, said today.

Cr Atmaca said there was an urgent need for more car spaces, and he called on the State Government to seize the opportunity to assist hundreds of Craigieburn commuters.

“Hume City Council has long advocated for more car parking at Craigieburn Train Station, and we were greatly encouraged when the Labor Party made a pre-election promise to spend $20 million on a Railway Station Car Parking Fund,” Cr Atmaca said.

“May 5 offers the State Government a chance to ease the daily frustrations of so many Craigieburn commuters, who have battled for very limited parking for years and years.

“While the Craigieburn line was electrified in 2006, there was no increase in parking spaces then, or at any time since.

“The population of Craigieburn has more than doubled since 2006, and is expected to rise by almost 50 per cent between now and 2036.

“Patronage has significantly escalated on the line and is projected to increase by 250 per cent by 2021, on 2011 levels.

“Things are bad now, but they will only worsen if parking space is not enhanced.”

Cr Atmaca said that there was currently only 267 parking bays at Craigieburn Train Station and the lack of spaces produced a number of flow-on effects.

“Many peak-hour travellers who are unable to secure a car spot at the station currently park in surrounding streets and larger car parks, and that takes up spaces which could be used for people who wish to shop during the day,” he said.

“Other commuters who would like to travel by train decide they are better off driving to work, and that congests roads and can make for a stressful journey into work.

“More car parking at Craigieburn Train Station would ease traffic on our roads, and be better for the environment too.”

In 2013, Hume City Council developed Hume Horizons 2040, a long-term community plan derived from a consultation process which found that residents urgently wanted additional car parking at Craigieburn Train Station.

Council has consistently campaigned for the upgrade, as part of a broader advocacy program to secure the funding of a range of urgent projects, including the duplication of Somerton and Craigieburn roads, and the expansion of parking at Sunbury Train Station.

For further information or to assist Hume City Council to advocate, visit Hume Advocates.

Posted on 12:00 AM, 26 April 2015

Updated : 6:33 PM, 24 April 2015

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