The ties that bind

A new exhibition at Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery is likely to make people think about their family history, Hume Mayor, Councillor Adem Atmaca, said today.

Cr Atmaca said Natasha Dusenjko had created a touching tribute to her ancestors, titled Fossa, which means the shallow pit or groove of a bone, similar to a vessel.

“Natasha’s exhibition has been inspired by a recent trip to the village of her ancestors, who lived near the banks of the Danube River in Dalj, Croatia,” Cr Atmaca said.

“She’s creatively produced video, sculpture, photography and drawings to help convey her feelings on issues like identity, geography and displacement.

“While the artist was raised in Broadmeadows, members of her family were tragically affected by conflict in Eastern Europe.

“Natasha’s art is a reminder that every one of us has a history that extends well beyond the day on which we were born, and it’s often a story with chapters that have been penned across many different lands.

“This exhibition may motivate people to think about the characters in our own family trees, and ponder the lives they led, the pursuits they followed, and the work they did.”

Natasha’s work is influenced by the way archaeologists collect artefacts and then present these relics in museums, and Fossa exhibits objects and images that piece together an interesting and personal story.

Cr Atmaca said Hume City Council was proud to offer such a creative presentation.

“Natasha lives and works in Hume, and she’s produced a number of exhibitions and won several top prizes, including a Hume Arts Award in 2014,” he said.

“She possesses university qualifications in visual art and design, and has also been honoured with several artist-in-residence posts.

“Natasha is part of a vibrant artistic community that is becoming more noticeable in Hume, and whose creativity has been demonstrated through this year’s Hume Arts Awards.

“We’re thrilled that so many Hume residents possess talents in fields like music, dance, painting, fashion, sculpture and public art.”

Fossa is one of a number of exhibitions at Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery in 2015.

In September and October, the art space will display photos by members of the Craigieburn Camera Club.

Cr Atmaca encouraged everyone to visit Natasha Dusenjko’s Fossa.

“Natasha’s work celebrates culture, and it’s so fitting that she has chosen to share her story in one of the most diverse and harmonious communities in Australia,” he said.

Fossa by Natasha Dusenjko opens on Thursday 2 July 2015 and runs until Sunday 30 August 2015 at Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery, Hume Global Learning Centre – Craigieburn.

Further information is here.

Updated : 11:30 AM, 16 June 2015

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