Tip allegations must be investigated

On Friday 24 July 2015, Channel Nine’s A Current Affair aired a story about the private landfill tip at 500 Sunbury Road, Bulla.

The broadcast included a video which appeared to show asbestos being seriously mishandled at the site.

Hume Mayor, Councillor Adem Atmaca, today responded to the claims.

“Hume City Council is very concerned by the video which seemed to demonstrate asbestos being handled in a very unsafe manner,” Cr Atmaca said.

“The safety of people who work at the site, live nearby and commute past the landfill tip is of utmost importance.

“Council expects that the EPA will investigate the allegations in the A Current Affair story, and we trust that the authority uses its full powers to address the matters raised.

“Hume will continue to monitor issues around the site that relate to litter, noise and illegal dumping.”

On 29 June 2015, Cr Atmaca said that Hume City Council was disappointed with a decision by VCAT to extend a planning permit for the landfill tip by 10 years.

Updated : 5:30 PM, 27 July 2015

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