Council Plan 2017-2021 (2018/19 Actions) and Budget 2018/19

Significant investment in maintaining and improving Hume’s assets such as roads, parking, footpaths and cycle ways is a highlight of Hume City Council’s Council Plan 2017-2021 (2018/19 Actions) and Budget 2018/19.

Both documents, which were developed after extensive consultation and engagement with the community and stakeholders over the last year, was adopted at Council’s Ordinary meeting on Monday 25 June 2018.

A public exhibition was also undertaken to enable additional community feedback, and for the first time this year, Council also undertook a Q&A on Facebook as a new means of engaging with the community.

Both documents are set to deliver for our people, and see a bright future predicted for one of Australia’s fastest growing communities.

The Council Plan and Budget 2018/19 respond to critical community issues of importance, as identified by Community Survey 2017/18 results.

Traffic and parking management were highlighted as a priority by residents and that’s why our community will see more than $118 million in capital works expenditure in maintaining and upgrading our roads, parking, footpaths and bike paths – all of which will have significant impact on the safety and wellbeing of our community.

Other community benefits will be provided through an improved transport infrastructure and the addition of pavilions, community centres and open spaces such as parks and reserves are another winner in this budget.

A further $198.38 million will be invested in day-to-day essential services to support our growing community.

Council will invest $18 million over the next four years to upgrade and construct pavilions at sporting grounds including D.S. Aitken Reserve in Craigieburn, Boardman Reserve in Sunbury, Greenvale Recreation Reserve and Willowbrook Reserve in Westmeadows.

Another $5.6 million investment will be made over the next six years in sports ground lighting upgrades, as part of the Outdoor Sports Lighting Plan. In all, it’s good news for Hume.”

Budget 2018/19
Hume City Council 2018/19 Budget document.
Council Plan 2017-2021
Council Plan 2017-2021 incorporating the Strategic Resource Plan.
Fact Sheet - SERVICES
We are expanding services for our community today and tomorrow.
Our community will benefit from largest ever infrastructure spend.

Updated : 4:35 PM, 26 June 2018

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