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Hume Horizons 2040 is our community’s vision for the future.

It is a plan that captures the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our growing City and ensures we are planning for generations of new residents to come. Developed through extensive community consultation, the plan clearly outlines where our community wants to be in the future. It is ambitious and strategic, and has been strongly influenced by a shared commitment to social justice and sustainability.

Hume Horizons 2040 intends that all Hume residents and businesses are provided with the opportunity and resources to develop, grow and prosper in an inclusive, supportive, connected, healthy and safe community. Hume Horizons 2040 brings together the collective ideas of the Hume community – residents, service providers, community groups, businesses, Councillors and staff participated in a range of activities to share their ideas, needs and expectations for the future.

Facilitated by Hume City Council, the plan outlines how the entire Hume community can work together towards common goals and meet Hume’s needs, both now and into the future.


Hume Horizons 2040


How the plan was developed

The plan was developed in 2014 and reviewed in 2017. More than 4,500 comments were collected from people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. While there were differences between respondents, one thing that they all had in common was that they embraced the opportunity to voice their ideas for Hume City. They talked about the opportunities that they wanted for their community, their friends, their families and themselves.

Consultation and engagement activities included:

  • A Community Survey (as part of Hume’s annual Community Survey
  • A ‘What’s your dream for Hume?’ graffiti board and posters, which were located at seven different locations and events across the municipality
  • Distribution of postcards and feedback forms
  • Place-based workshops in six locations
  • Community workshops, including specific workshops in five languages used widely in the community
  • Workshops with a range of committees, advisory boards and community groups
  • Internal Hume City Council staff workshops
  • Online discussion forums
  • Regular E-newsletter updates
  • Individual face-to-face discussions with interested stakeholders (by request)
  • Theme-based workshops and visioning exercises.

Themes and Strategic Objectives

There are five key themes and strategic objectives for Hume Horizons 2040, including:

  • Theme 1: A well-educated and employed community
  • Theme 2: A Healthy and safe community
  • Theme 3: A culturally-vibrant and connected community
  • Theme 4: A sustainably built and well-maintained city with an environmentally engaged community
  • Theme 5: A well-governed and engaged community

The actions of the Council Plan 2017-2021 (2019/20 Actions) have been developed to address the themes and strategic objectives of Hume Horizons 2040.

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Updated : 10:12 AM, 8 July 2019

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