Broadmeadows Women’s garden takes root

A wicking bed planter garden built by Hume City Council in partnership with Anglicare Victoria Broadmeadows Women’s Community House will allow local women to grow and harvest produce in a community environment.   

Hume Mayor, Councillor Drew Jessop, said the garden, located at the Broadmeadows Women’s Community House, is a result of a Healthy Together Hume Grant and the initiative of women participants from the Hume Enviro Champions program.

“This garden is a great example of a collaborative partnership between Council and a community organisation, located at a much loved local venue that supports women diverse in age, cultural background and experience, and their children,” Cr Jessop said.

“Council is committed to sustainable practices and care for the physical environment. We want people to feel inspired to take on an active role in contributing to a sustainable future.

“By embedding these practices into daily life, women and children are supported to become environmentally responsible, to show respect for the environment and to promote learning and understanding of the world around us.”

The garden was constructed with assistance from members of local community group HumeUs as well as volunteers from Fleet Partners.  

Women from the Broadmeadows Women’s Community House’s “Ageing and Feeling Great” group took the lead for planting flowers and vegetables.

Women involved with the Community House will care for the plants in the garden as part of their curriculum, with support from Anglicare Victoria and members of the Council’s Enviro-Champions program.

“The Broadmeadows Women’s House team greatly appreciate the efforts of the volunteers who installed the garden beds and those who will be planting the spring garden,” Anglicare Victoria’s Northern Metro Program Manager for Family and Community Services Rosie Downs said.

“We know that the women and children who visit the Broadmeadows Women’s Community House will benefit greatly from the garden scheme and the transformation it has already brought to our space and what it offers for the future.

“A big thank you to Hume City Council for their expertise in gardening sustainability and for making this opportunity possible.” 

Posted on 4:00 PM, 28 July 2017

Updated : 4:26 PM, 28 July 2017

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