Sunbury residents get first glimpse of HGLC

A state of the art modern library service, multi-purpose community meeting spaces, and a business hub are just some of the elements included in draft design concepts for the Hume Global Learning Centre in Sunbury.

Hume Mayor, Councillor Drew Jessop, said the design concepts were officially unveiled for the first time at SunFest over the weekend and are a result of feedback gathered from the community through an extensive engagement process.

“We’re so proud to unveil designs for the Hume Global Learning Centre in Sunbury which have been shaped by the very people who will be using it in the future,” Cr Jessop said.

“The proposed designs will feature spaces that are modern, inspiring and cater to the different needs of the community.

“The new centre will provide formal and informal community spaces for residents and local communities to meet, allowing for private and organised study, library services, exhibitions and meeting and training opportunities.

“SunFest attendees, who were the first to view the design concepts, had plenty of positive feedback regarding the design concepts, as well as a lot of excitement about having such a fantastic, modern and vibrant facility in Sunbury.”

We spoke to locals at SunFest to find out what they thought of the design concepts.

The centre’s design concepts also indicate a dedicated learning and training space that will be used for university courses taught through Hume Multiversity.

“Hume Multiversity will be a unique way to study in Sunbury because it will offer a number of world-class tertiary education providers all in the one place,” Cr Jessop said.

“It’s just one example of how the new Hume Global Learning Centre will help Sunbury residents improve their education and career prospects without having to travel too far.”

The Sunbury Hume Global Learning Centre is set to be the third in the City of Hume, with other centres located in Craigieburn and Broadmeadows.

The centre is expected to open in 2019, and will incorporate a modern library with the latest in digital equipment and multi-purpose spaces.

“More and more people will continue to move into Sunbury, and I know that lots of families are keen to experience what will be a fantastic place,” Cr Jessop said.

“The centre will honour the past, value the present and imagine the future. The HGLC-S will be an active, vibrant and welcoming community hub, and will be an inspiring place to meet, share, learn, create and collaborate in an ever-changing digital world.

“Hume City Council is proud to be delivering the new Hume Global Learning Centre which will provide a world-class learning and community facility for Sunbury.”

To view the draft concept plans and for more information, visit

Hume City Council’s Hume Global Learning Centre-Sunbury project is supported by the Victorian Government.

Posted on 9:00 AM, 30 March 2017

Updated : 12:29 PM, 30 March 2017

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