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Hume ratepayers may be surprised to realise the value of their properties when the next rates notice is delivered later this month. Between 1 January 2016 and 1 January 2018, property values in Hume have increased, with the residential and rural markets being the best performers.

Hume Mayor, Councillor Geoff Porter said for many homeowners, increasing property values would be good news and an indicator of the revitalisation that is taking place across Hume City.

“Given Hume’s ideal location, just 15 kilometres from the CBD, house values were bound to increase and this trend is consistent with similar areas in Melbourne,” Cr Porter said.

 “Under this year’s general revaluation, the average increase in value for Hume properties is 31 per cent.”

 Cr Porter went on to explain that it is myth that increased valuations mean more rate income for Council – Council will receive the same rating income regardless of property values.

 Under the Victorian Government’s Fair Go System, Hume City Council will increase the total rate income this year by 2.25 per cent.

“What the general revaluation does is redistribute rates based on the new property value – some ratepayers will have minimal change, some will have increases and some will have decreases,” Cr Porter explained.

“On average, residents in Sunbury and Greenvale will see little change in their rates and Craigieburn will experience increases in line with the cap. Tullamarine and Gladstone Park will see increases of about 10 per cent where demand for development sites in this location continues to be strong.

“The largest increases in property values are in Coolaroo and Jacana, where rates will rise on average up to 22 per cent, and parts of Kalkallo where new infrastructure and development is accelerating.”

Cr Porter added that, unlike other Victorian local governments, Hume City Council did not have a separate waste charge.

“We’ve seen other Councils forced to introduce a separate waste charge in response to issues within the recycling industry, instead Hume decided to absorb these additional costs to help ease the burden on our residents,” Cr Porter said.

“We appreciate that the rates and charges system is complex and fluctuations in property valuations can be unsettling. The property revaluations were undertaken in accordance with the Valuer General Victoria’s Best Practice Guidelines and have been verified by the Valuer General Victoria.  

“From 2019, the State Government has mandated that these revaluations be undertaken, which will hopefully eliminate the large fluctuations we have been seeing, making it easier for property owners to plan their finances.”

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Posted on 2:25 AM, 15 August 2018

Updated : 2:25 PM, 15 August 2018

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