The EPA has recommended that people and pets avoid direct contact with Merri Creek.

The EPA continues to monitor and inspect Merri Creek, and conditions are improving. It is anticipated that daily inspection of the fire site and creek will no longer be required from Thursday 24 January.

 The pollution to the Merri Creek appears contained to the Greenwich Place area. This is where eductor trucks have focused the pump out activity.

Inspections on Thursday 24 January showed water is running clear upstream and downstream of Greenwich Place. A small amount of black surface contamination is visible at the Greenwich Place section.

 The EPA water sampling preliminary results are promising. Upstream and downstream of Greenwich Place, results are all below levels of concern.

At the pump out/containment area, results are highest for chemical oxygen demand and suspended solids. This suggests that recent days’ removal of the surface contaminates has been effective and that following removal of the contaminates, the water quality is good.

Preliminary lab analysis of metals in the water – a key concern given the factory was an e-waste storage facility – show that most metals are below levels of concern, with the exception of one sample showing an Iron result at 15 mg/L. Hydrocarbons, volatiles and solvents are all below levels of concern.

EPA will share further results as they become available.

Posted on 11:00 AM, 21 January 2019

Updated : 10:32 AM, 25 January 2019

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