Canvassing the art and soul of women

Hume City is staging an exhibition entitled Then Came Roses which will feature the artworks of two women artists of Syrian and Chilean backgrounds.

Mayor of Hume City, Councillor Carly Moore said the works of Heba Moubarak and Catalina Billikopf Mujica were enriching and enlightening and showcased the cultural spirit of the Hume community.

“Providing opportunities for diverse cultural expression through art is another way we can learnand demonstrate the dynamic essence of our thriving community,” Cr Moore said.

“Following the success of the Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery, we are excited to be opening two new gallery spaces in 2019 in the Town Hall Broadmeadows and Hume Global Leaning Centre – Sunbury.”  

Both artists feature poetic and symbolic imagery around the experience of finding strength, self-love and empowerment through questioning social and cultural influences.

Melbourne-born Heba is one of seven girls in a Syrian family and is in her final year of a nursing and midwifery course at La Trobe university.

“There wasn’t much art that was representative of my identity or representing Muslim women and that’s where I found inspiration.” Heba says.

“My inspiration stems from being surrounded by strong, compassionate and hard-working women, all of whom wear the veil.”

This ultimately led the young artist to develop Hijabee art, a creative outlet that has allowed visibly Muslim women to share in each other’s feelings and spirituality.

“My artwork depicts self-love, self-growth and connection to God. Its aim is to convey a truthful depiction of our existence” Heba says.

Posted on 4:00 PM, 6 February 2019

Updated : 12:52 PM, 7 February 2019

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