Council Committees

We have a range of committees that assist Council in its decision-making process and its consultation and liaison with the local community. We are committed to working in partnership with the community and local businesses and organisations in our activities and decision making. We recognise the knowledge and skills that these groups have to contribute to achieving Council's vision of building a progressive and prosperous city.

Special Committees of Council

Council has established Special Committees under Section 86 of the Local Government Act and has delegated powers, duties and functions to those committees.

Community Committees

  • Friends of Aileu
  • Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group
  • Hume Interfaith Network
  • Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists Council in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities including financial management, occupational health and safety, risk, privacy and governance. The Audit Committee reviews the year-end reporting process, the system of internal control, management of financial risks and the internal and external audit process. The Committee carries out its work bearing in mind Council's desire to operate in an ethical environment with good corporate governance practices.

Read the Audit Committee Charter and Instrument of Delegation   

Read the Audit Committee Annual Report

Read Audit Committees - A Guide To Good Practice for Local Government

Information on procedures for the selection and appointment of the Audit Committee

Independent members (3) of the Audit Committee are appointed for a fixed term of up to four years and are eligible for reappointment by Council to a maximum of eight years. At the expiry of a term, suitably qualified external applications with experience in financial management, risk management, auditing, local government or other relevant disciplines are sought. Applications are reviewed and shortlisted, with interviews conducted by a panel of Audit Committee members and senior Council officers. Councillor members are appointed at Council’s annual statutory meeting.

Information on procedure for selecting an Internal Audit Services provider

Council appoints its internal auditor through a public tender process. Applications are reviewed and shortlisted, with interviews conducted by a panel of Audit Committee members and senior Council officers. Hume City Council’s internal auditor reports to the Audit Committee and attends each Committee meeting. In May 2014, Council appointed BDO West Coast as its internal audit services provider, and were reappointed in May 2017 for a further 3 years. 

Names of the independent Audit Committee members, professional background and qualifications


Claire Filson

Independent Member of Hume City Council Audit Committee, May 2012 – April 2015
Independent Chair of the Hume City Council Audit Committee, April 2015 – present

Professional background:

Over the last 23 years, Claire has held executive roles with Colonial Mutual, The Over 50’s Investment Group, Australian Unity, AXA Asia Pacific Holdings, Bonlac Foods and Hastings Funds Management.

The roles held by Claire at these organisations included Corporate Solicitor, Commercial and Corporate Legal Counsel, Executive Director, Compliance Manager, Head of Governance/Risk and Company Secretary. Claire has extensive board experience, with directorships and committee memberships held at several organisations.

Other professional experience:

  • Over 5 years’ experience as an independent member of the City of Melbourne Audit Committee
  • 15 years’ boardroom experience in both State-owned infrastructure, utility and superannuation businesses and private sector funds management businesses
  • Chair of audit, finance, risk and remuneration committees
  • 30 years’ commercial and corporate legal experience in insurance, construction and funds management
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors


  • Bachelor Degree in Law
  • Graduate Diploma of Company Secretarial Practise
  • Company Directors Course (Australian Institute of Company Directors)
  • Master of Business Administration (Executive)
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance

Brian Keane

Independent Member of Hume City Council Audit Committee, May 2012 – present

Professional background:

Brian has over 40 years’ professional experience in a variety of senior roles at The State Bank Victoria, Australia Post and National Foods Ltd. Brian was successful in several change management programs at Australia Post and National Foods, leading the establishment of shared services operations in both organisations. His leadership in this field has been formally recognised by his peers.   

He is currently the director of Brian Keane Consulting, specialising in short-term projects focusing on change management and process improvement.
Brian was previously a member of the Corporate Risk Management Committees for both Australia Post and National Foods.

Other professional experience:

  • Independent member of the Audit Advisory Committee for:
    •  Buloke Shire Council, February 2012 – present
    •  Surfcoast Shire Council, February 2013 – present. Chair since April 2015
    •  Ararat Rural City Council, March 2014 – present
    •  Bayside City Council, February 2015 - present
    •  Victorian Institute of Mental Health, March 2014 – present
  • Board member Education Foundation, 2003 – 2008


  • CPA Australia – Fellow
  • Bachelor of Economics

David Nairn

Independent Member of Hume City Council Audit Committee, April 2015 - present

Professional background:

David has over 40 years’ experience in the auditing profession including nearly 30 years’ as an audit partner of chartered accountancy firms. He brings a wealth of financial reporting, assurance and accounting knowledge to the role of independent member of the Hume’s Audit Committee.

Since 1987 David has been performing audits in the Victorian Public Sector as agent of the Auditor General Victoria and has a thorough understanding of the relevant legislative requirements.

Other professional experience:

  • Audit Partner – HLB Mann Judd, 2004 – 2015
  • Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee of Victoria Institute of Teaching, 2008 – present
  • Board Member and Member of the Finance and Audit Committee – Cohealth Limited, 2014 – present
  • Member of the International Committee of Red Cross, 2008 – present
  • Chair of the Board of Doutta Galla Community Health and Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee, 2012 – 2014


  • Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
  • Fellow CPA Australia
  • Graduate Company Directors course (Australian Institute of Company Directors)

Councillor Representation

Cr Drew Jessop and Cr Karen Sherry.

Committees of Management

The committee of management for each of the following Centres assists Council in the effective management and control of the property for the benefit of users of the property and the wider community:

  • Gladstone Park Community Centre
  • Foresters Hall, Westmeadows

Special Community Committees

We also have a number of community committees that act in an advisory capacity to Council. These taskforces, committees and multi-agency teams make up some of Council's most important and influential partnerships, providing advice and insight and drawing together practical strategies and opportunities for Council to promote the wellbeing of the Hume community.

Craigieburn Community Advisory Committee

The Craigieburn Community Advisory Committee advises Council on community needs and assists in the promotion of integrated approaches to planning and development in Craigieburn. The group is comprised of residents and representatives of organisations providing services in Craigieburn. The Committee can be contacted through Council's Community Strengthening department on 9205 2200.

Disability Action Team

The Hume Disability Action Team works with Council to identify strategies to address issues impacting upon people with disabilities in Hume City. Its members include people with disabilities, carers and representatives from organisations that provide services to people with disabilities. The Team can be contacted through Council's Community Strengthening department on 9205 2200.

Community Committees

Friends of Aileu, the East Timor Partnership Project of Hume City Council and Moreland City Council – Strengthening Communities in Timor-Leste and Australia

In 2000 Hume City Council, along with Moreland City Council, established a Friendship City relationship with Aileu, a region about 50kms south of Dili in East Timor. The Aileu Friendship City demonstrates Council's commitment to social justice and provides an opportunity for Hume's diverse communities to work together to support others experiencing disadvantage and injustice. The Friends of Aileu includes representatives of Council and meets periodically to consider and discuss strategies to support and promote the Friendship City relationship. Find out more information and how you can get involved on the Moreland City Council website.  

Hume Interfaith Network

The Hume Inter-Faith Leaders Network aims to further develop understanding and harmony across the many faiths and cultures represented in Hume City. Members include leaders from a diverse range of faith communities including Christian, Muslim and Sikh communities. The Network can be contacted through Council's Community Strengthening department on 9205 2200.

Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group 

In June 2018, Council has established a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Working Group. This group’s purpose is to inform Council of key issues, concerns and priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members. The group will also provide advice, input and feedback on policies, plans and services to support inclusion and participation of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Membership includes 4 community members and one appointed Councillor. Membership of the Committee will be for a two-year term and the RAP Working Group meets every 2 months.

If you would like further information, please contact Corey Williams in the Community Strengthening Department at or on 9205 2377. 

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