Public Question and Public Speaking Time

The Council has made provision in the business of the Ordinary Meetings of the Council, being the first meeting of each month, for the holding of public question time and public speaking time. There is no provision for public questions in the business of Ordinary (Town Planning) Meetings, which is the second meeting held each month. Council Meeting Dates can be found at the Calendar of Meeting Dates

Please note that Council meetings meeting are now being streamed live on the internet and Councillors are participating in the meeting remotely by electronic means of communication. The audio recording of Council meetings will be published to Council’s website within 2 working days. The live stream of this meeting will not be published.

As this meeting is being held online, there will be no one present in the public gallery. To view the online meeting, go to this page.

Any person wishing to make a statement in response to an Officer's recommendation on a report listed on the Agenda, or wishing to submit a public question, are requested to submit their comments and/or questions in advance of the meeting. Provided they are compliant with the Governance Local Law 2013 and Council’s Code of Meeting procedures, with the exception of being present at the meeting, these comments or public questions will be read out by the Mayor or the CEO. Public questions will be responded to by a Council officer as is Council’s standard process.

Public comments/statements in response to an Officer's recommendation on a report on the Agenda must be submitted by no later than 3pm on the day of the Ordinary Council Meeting.

Submit a Public Comment

Public questions must be submitted by no later than 12pm on the day of the Ordinary Council Meeting.

Submit a Public Question

Alternatively, you may submit your Public Questions in hard copy to Council using the methods below: 

Download here:

Public Question Time Form.pdf
Public Question Time Form.doc 

 Public Questions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and may be submitted:

by mail

PO Box 119, Dallas, VIC 3047

by email

If you are experiencing difficulties downloading this PDF file please contact Council on 9205 2200.

Updated : 3:48 PM, 8 May 2020

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