Building Permits, Applications and Building Regulations

If you are about to start building or renovating, it is important that you have obtained all relevant building permits before you commence any works.

Whether building a verandah, carport, deck, fence, retaining wall, gazebo, swimming pool or spa - a building permit is required.

Apply for a building permit

Most building work requires a building permit, including alterations, demolitions and removals. It is essential for owner builders and registered builders to obtain a building permit for the work before building starts.

It is the responsibility of the home owner to make sure planning and building permits are obtained, whether you apply for them, or get your builder to do it for you.

A building permit indicates that a Building Surveyor (Council or private) has approved building work to be carried out before it begins. You may also require a planning permit, so check with Council's Statutory Planning department.

Find out more information on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website or see the Building Act 1993  and Building Regulations 2006.


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Building permits

A building permit ensures that:

  • Your building practitioners are registered and insured
  • Adequate documentation for your building works is prepared
  • Independent reviews of your building documentation are performed
  • Key stages of your building work are independently inspected
  • Once work is complete, your building is independently assessed as suitable for use or occupation.

Asset Protection Permit application

Find out about applying for an Asset Protection Permit.

Building and Works Code of Practice

Council's Hume City General Purpose Local Law No.1 2023(PDF, 385KB) requires builders to comply with the Building and Works Code of Practice.(PDF, 614KB)

Connect to stormwater

For a permit to connect to stormwater (legal point of discharge) see Application for LPD.

View the Building Fee Schedule 2023-2024(PDF, 162KB) to see what fees and charges are required.

Building projects like new units, demolitions, renovations, extensions or new fences may need a planning permit. Check with Council's Statutory Planning Department before starting the design of a building project to find out more about planning permits.

When you meet with your Building Surveyor they will need to see the following documents:

  1. Building permit application form
  2. Certificate of Title, plan of subdivision (allotment plans) and covenant details
  3. Three sets of site plans
  4. Three sets of fully dimensioned architectural plans.

Council does not hold Certificate of Titles. We cannot give sound advice on any restrictions that may affect your property.

For further information visit Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Council's qualified Building Surveyors and Building Inspectors can also assist home and property owners with general enquiries regarding building regulations and other building related concerns in Hume.

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) regulates the building and plumbing industries in Victoria.  The VBA is responsible for the Building Regulations and other matters relating to complaints, compliance and enforcement.

The VBA can provide information about the building process, engaging a building practitioner or becoming an owner-builder.  The VBA also manages disputes with builders or plumbers.

For more information about the information and services offered by the VBA, visit the VBA website.

You must have the correct permits and approvals in place in order to change how an existing building will be used.

Examples of changing the use of a building include, but are not limited to:

  • changing a family house into a boarding house
  • changing a garage into a hairdressing salon
  • changing a warehouse into a place of worship
  • changing a factory into a gymnasium
  • changing an office into a shop
  • changing a shop into a bar or music venue

To change the use of a building, you will need to apply for a:

Buildings with certain uses will also need to be registered with Council's Environmental Health Department. 

Such businesses include, but are not limited to:

  • rooming houses
  • food premises
  • health and beauty premises

For further information, contact a private building surveyor or Council's Environmental Health Department on 03 9205 2200 or

View the Changing the Use of a Building Fact Sheet(PDF, 123KB) for more information.

Application for Report and Consent(PDF, 250KB)

This is used to request Council consultation and approval to construct a building which does not meet the requirements of the Building Regulations in regards to street, side and rear setbacks, building height, walls on boundary, fence heights and setbacks, overlooking, over shadowing, site coverage or permeability, or to build over an easement.

We are currently experiencing high volumes of applications and timeframes are extended. Please note processing Report and Consent applications may take 8 to 10 weeks. 

Starting a Boarding or Rooming house, or converting an existing building to a Boarding or Rooming house, will involve engagement with multiple services within Council.

Before you can start a Boarding or Rooming house, you need to meet legal requirements associated with Council’s Planning, Building Control and Environmental Health areas. This may include obtaining a Planning Permit, Building Permit, Occupancy Permit and registering the building as prescribed accommodation.

The process generally starts with Planning, followed by Building Control and concluding with Environmental Health.

View the Boarding Houses and Rooming Houses Fact Sheet(PDF, 371KB) for more information.