Fencing & Retaining Walls

Some types of fences require a building permit to be obtained before construction.

Find out more about when a building permit is required for fencing.

A building permit is required for:

  • construction of a side or rear boundary fence more than 2m high.
  • construction of a front fence that exceeds 1.5m high within 3.0m of a front street alignment.
  • construction of a fence that is more than 1.0m high, within 9.0m of the point of intersection of street alignments.
  • Construction of any brick or masonry fence more than 1.2m high.

No building permit is required for:

  • construction of a side or rear boundary fence up to 2.0m high (not to exceed 1.5m high within 3.0m of the front street alignment).
  • construction of a brick front fence not more than 1.2m high and not within 9m of a point of intersection of street alignments.
  • construction of a timber front fence not more than 1.5m in height and not within 9m of a point of intersection of street alignments.
  • construction of a chain wire tennis court fence.

 To find out more about fencing requirements, refer to the Fences Act 1968.

Before installing any swimming, paddling or wading pools (including spas and inflatable or above-ground pools) with a depth greater than 300mm (30cm), you must obtain a building permit.

Building permits can be obtained from a private Building Surveyor or from Council's Municipal Building Surveyor.

Pools and spas of this type must be enclosed within a safety barrier that complies with the Australian Standard 1926. Pool owners need to ensure safety barriers comply with building regulations and that the Australian Standards are maintained at all times. 

You should check that household objects that could be used for climbing (such as tree branches, pot plants, chairs and BBQs) are not located any closer than 1.2m from the outside of a pool safety barrier.

You can complete a Property Ownership for Fencing form and submit it online if you require ownership details of a property in Hume. Your request must be for the purpose of erecting a new or replacement fence.

Request ownership details

Alternatively, you can download the Property Ownership for Fencing form(PDF, 59KB)

This form is an application only, it does not automatically ensure that you receive the information you have requested.

The information provided, in response to any request, is confidential and is intended for the use of the named applicant only, and specifically for the reason requested.

This form is in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2000.

If you share a property boundary with Council land, Council may contribute half the cost of the construction of a shared boundary fence. 

This does not apply to front or side fences which adjoin a road, and in some other circumstances.  Please review the Half Cost Fencing Policy(PDF, 49KB) for more information.

Fencing must be in accordance with Council's Fencing Specifications(PDF, 223KB).

Download the application for half cost fencing form(PDF, 143KB).

Council does not manage fencing between neighbouring properties.  If you want to replace or repair a boundary fence, you will need to reach an agreement with your neighbour.

For further information about boundary fencing, including information on resolving a fencing dispute with a neighbour, see the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria website.

A retaining wall less than 1000mm (1m) in height does not require a building permit when it is not associated with other building work or with protection work of an adjoining property.