Council (Town Planning) Meetings

The Council (Town Planning) Meeting is held once a month and is where Council makes decisions on planning applications.

If you are a planning permit applicant or an objector to an application which is being determined at a Council (Town Planning) Meeting, you may choose to make a submission to Councillors or attend the Meeting to make a statement about the application in person.

The Agenda for the Council Meeting will be available after 3pm on the Thursday before the Council Meeting. The Agenda includes a copy of the report from Council officers to the Council, and this report contains a recommendation to either support the planning application under consideration, modify the proposal or refuse the application.  You may choose to make a statement or submission in support or against the planning application which is being considered.

The Council (Town Planning) Meeting is a formal meeting of Council where a number of applications for planning permits and other matters will be considered by Councillors.

The Meeting is chaired by the Mayor, and Councillors engage in discussion only on items which are nominated from the published Agenda by either a Councillor or a member of the public. Once the discussion is completed, the Council votes on the item and will resolve to either support an application in line with the planning officer’s recommendation, support an application subject to a modified recommendation or refuse an application.

If you are a planning applicant or objector, you will be notified in writing of the decision of Council in regards to the application within 7 days of the Council Meeting.

Any person wishing to make a statement in response to an Officer’s recommendation on a report listed on the Council Meeting Agenda is requested to submit comments in advance by no later than 3pm on the day of the Meeting. Comments can be submitted via the Public submission to Council Officers Report form. 

Provided the statement is compliant with the Governance Rules, submitted comments will be read out at the Meeting by the Mayor. 

You may attend the Council (Town Planning) Meeting in person to address Council and make a statement in relation to an application listed on the Agenda. Each person is allocated 3 minutes to speak in relation to a planning application.

Please arrive before the start of the meeting at 7pm to register your attendance with Council staff.

See meeting dates and locations

Council Meetings will continue to be livestreamed for those members of the community unable to attend in person.  You can watch the livestream by visiting the Online Live Council Meetings page.

The audio recording of the Meeting will also be made available to the public within 2 working days after the Meeting.