Property Information

Property owners in Hume can apply to receive information about their land from both Council and State Government departments. Some information requests can be provided without charge, while others may require a fee.

Planning Control Information Requests

Council can supply professional information regarding Planning Controls for the property of interest. You can apply for this information at

Apply via eHume

or via the Property Information Application Form.

Requesting Copies of Planning Permits

Copies of plans, permits, or other planning documents are available to view at Council’s Broadmeadows Office. Some documents may be stored offsite, so please make an appointment to view the plans so that we can ensure everything is available when you visit. Appointments can be requested via email at The below form can be used to request some planning documents

Planning Permit Or Endorsed Plans Request 

Requesting Copies of Building Plans and Permits

To request building records relating to your property – including plans, permits, and termite information – please submit the below form

Property Information - Building Request.

Please note that fees apply to requests for Building plans and permits.

Certificate of Title

All planning applications must be accompanied by a recent (no older than 90 days) certificate of title. These are not managed by Council but can be applied for via the below link:

LANDATA website.