Safer on My Street

Council has assessed the safety of every driveway in Hume to ensure the driveways comply with current legislation and council standards to ensure our streets are safe and to reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians or drivers and damage to property. Where a location is identified and the driveway is not compliant, the resident will be contacted and receive a letter and brochure which will provide important information about the requirements for provision of driveways and adjacent footpaths.

Homeowners with non compliant driveways must ensure that the damaged driveway is repaired, or if their property does not have a driveway, a new driveway is built to safely link the property to the road. If the resident uses the footpath to access a property by vehicle, he/she will be breaking the law and may be subject to an infringement or prosecution.

Council approval must be obtained prior to the removal or alteration to an existing driveway, i.e. the section of driveway on Council property between the property boundary and the kerb. We urge residents to read the brochure that Council provides to understand the safe use of footpaths and driveways.

A permit is required (see below) as driveways cross the nature strip, footpath and kerb which are valuable Council assets. A person must not, without a permit, construct, install, remove or alter a driveway in anyway. To obtain a permit you first need to contact Council to arrange an inspection of the proposed driveway and/or the location.

More advice and information can be found by phoning our Road Management Team on 9205 2200.

Vehicle Cross Over and Road Opening Permits

All work on Council Road Reserves (i.e. vehicle crossings, nature strips landscaping or utility works) require permits. To obtain a permit, complete the application form below and submit to any of our Customer Service Centres. This form is not permission to start work you must await Council's response. Download a Consent to Work within a Hume road reserve form.

Updated : 5:18 PM, 30 June 2017

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