Stormwater connections

R51 (1) - Details of any Permit or Certificate of Final inspection issued in the preceding 10 years.

For a Reg 51 (1) Certificate in regard to a Unit or Subdivided property, if the Occupancy Permit details are required, it may be required to apply for (a) the actual unit concerned and (b) the Parent Property details from where the original permit was issued. The reason: a unit is usually created from an original (Parent) property. Once created the unit and Parent become two separate legal entities. Therefore, to obtain details of the original permit issued you will require the Parent property details. Therefore two applications may need to be applied for. If in doubt, please call Building Support 9205 2325. 

R51 (2) - Land prone to termites/flooding.
R51 (3) - Inspection approval dates.
Copy of Plans/Permits 

For copies of Plans/Permits please note in Hume City most single Dwellings and associated outbuildings on an allotment greater than 300m2 do not require a Planning Permit.  For this reason, if you are seeking to obtain copies of the plans and specifications for your House (including associated domestic outbuildings), you should apply for copies of your Building Permit documents.

Connection to Stormwater



Updated : 3:00 PM, 3 October 2019

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