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Rural HIGAP 


Council is currently preparing the Rural Hume Integrated Growth Area Plan (Rural HIGAP) Spatial Strategy that will guide planning, infrastructure provision and Council investment within the rural areas over the next 25 years.

The Rural Hume Integrated Growth Area Plan (Rural HIGAP) covers all land in Hume that falls outside the Urban Growth Boundary (excluding Melbourne Airport). It includes the areas of Oaklands Junction, Yuroke, Wildwood, Diggers Rest; the rural parts of Clarkefield; Greenvale and Sunbury, the Keilor area behind Melbourne Airport and Bulla Township. 


A community survey in July-August 2017 provided initial feedback that informed an Emerging Issues and Options Paper for the rural areas.  Those living or with an interest in Hume's rural areas were given the opportunity to provide feedback on the Emerging Issues and Options Paper developed by Council in 2018 and 70 submissions to the Paper were received.  The submissions were insightful and creative, proposing innovative ideas to protect and enhance the rural areas.  Council would like to thank those who took the time to provide their feedback.

Moving forward, Council officers will be reviewing the submissions and drawing upon the community response to develop draft strategies. There will be more opportunities to get involved with the project and have your say on a draft strategy in early 2020 where you will have the opportunity to help shape the proposed strategies before they are formed into a final strategy.


Look out for regular updates in Hume’s Re-Source newsletter.


The Rural HIGAP covers the below area:


Emerging Issues and Options Paper

As part of the development of Rural HIGAP, Council has prepared an Emerging Issues and Options Paper.

The Emerging Issues and Options Paper discusses the key issues for the rural areas and provides options on how each issue might be addressed. Some of the issues explored in the Paper include the pressures of urban growth and development, agriculture and illegal waste dumping.

The options to address these issues range from doing more, keeping things as they are or doing less. We’d like to know which you prefer or if there are other options you suggest.

Read the Paper

The Emerging Issues and Options Paper can be downloaded through the link below as a full text in lower resolution or each individual chapter in high resolution:

Emerging Issues and Options Paper - Full Text

1.0 - IntroductionFront-Cover-Pages-from-Rural-Areas-HIGAP-Report---FINAL.jpg

2.0 - Context

3.0 - Policy Context

4.0 - Management Programs and Assistance

5.1-5.5 - Issues Analysis - Overarching Challenges, Agriculture, Living and Visiting, Infrastructure and Resources, Movement

5.6 - Issues Analysis - Environment

5.7 - Issues Analysis - Cultural and Landscape Values

5.8 - Issues Analysis - Future Options Summary

Chapter 6 - Next Steps

Appendix 1 - Survey Key Findings

Appendix 2 - Background

Emerging Issues and Options Fact Sheet 

More Information

For more information contact Council's Strategic Planning Department on 9205 2371 or via email at


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