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Hume's Draft Rural Strategy


Hume’s rural areas make up half the municipality. They provide an expansive landscape between the urban areas of the Hume Corridor and Sunbury that is home to natural and heritage values and a range of rural activities.

Hume City Council has released a draft Rural Strategy that offers a vision for Hume’s rural areas for Council and the community to work towards over the next 20 years.

What we heard 

Feedback from the community to date and further research has identified the following major challenges for Hume’s rural areas now and into the future:

  • Relatively poor quality soil and a lack of rainfall worsened by the affects of climate change
  • Ongoing land speculation
  • The viability of traditional agriculture
  • An aging and changing rural population

The Rural Strategy

To address these challenges and to realise a positive future for Hume’s rural areas requires a partnership approach between all levels of government and the community.

The draft Rural Strategy encompasses three themes that reflect this holistic and partnership approach:

     Certainty – on the future planning for the rural areas, particularly future urban development and subdivision, to assist the rural community to make investments with greater confidence.

     Support – to help enable landowners to continue to pursue current activities, diversify into new activities, maximise opportunities associated with a growing urban population and to effectively manage land.

     Engagement – to inform the rural community of potential future changes and to grow community connectedness and capacity to realise future opportunities and to manage challenges.

Read the draft Rural Startegy draft Rural Strategy 2020.JPG

 A copy of the draft Rural Strategy can be downloaded at the link below:

Draft Rural Strategy March 2020 (6MB)

A fact sheet discussing the draft Strategy can be downloaded at the link below:

Draft Rural Strategy Fact Sheet 


How to provide feedback


Council is now seeking to hear from the community about this vision for the rural areas, as well as the strategies for how Council will better support and engage with the rural landowners and the rural community to realise this vision. 

Make a submission by 19 April 2020



You can think about answering these questions when making your submission:

  1. Do you feel the vision is positive and realistic for the rural areas of Hume?
  2. Which strategies do you like and which would you want to change? And why?
  3. How else can Council support you to manage your land and pursue viable activities in the rural areas?


By post:

Strategic Planning Department Hume City Council PO Box 119 DALLAS VIC 3047 By

By email:


 Background Work

The draft Rural Strategy builds upon the consultation conducted for the Rural HIGAP Emerging Issues and Options Paper 2018.

The Emerging Issues and Options Paper can be downloaded through the link below :

Emerging Issues and Options Paper - Full Text

More Information

For more information contact Council's Strategic Planning Department on 9205 2371 or via email at



Updated : 3:42 PM, 17 March 2020

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