Road & Drainage Guidelines

Subdivision Guidelines for Design of Roads & Drainage Infrastructure - Updated August 2008.pdf

Appendix Cover Sheet - Updated July 2005.pdf

Appendix A Pavement Design Guidelines for New Subdivisions - Updated July 2005.pdf

Appendix B Index for Standard Drawings - Updated Oct 2007.pdf

Appendix C Road and Drainage Specification Version 2 - Part1.pdf

Appendix C Road and Drainage Specification Version 2 - Part 2.pdf

Appendix D Request for Overtime.pdf

Appendix E Memorandum of Consent for Major Traffic Control Hours at Road Worksites.pdf

Appendix F Quality Control Inspection Report Sheets.pdf

Appendix G Non Standard Street Lighting Policy.pdf

Appendix H Hume General Notes.pdf


Hume City Council in conjunction with other Councils has developed a specification document for the delivery of Drainage data in a GIS ready format. This document is referred to as "D-Spec".
Prior to the issue of the Statement Of Compliance or placing works on maintenance, the following must be submitted to Council:

  • one set of "as constructed" transparencies
  • a CD containing the "as constructed" drawings in AutoCAD Map DWG file (recent version) in GDA94-MGA Zone 55 mapping coordinates in accordance with the D-Spec Standard.



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