Newbury Park

Construction has commenced on the development of Newbury Park, 450 Grand Boulevard, Craigieburn. The $4.8M parkland comprises a playground, picnic area, ½ basketball court, skate facility, open grassed area and home to the new Hume Hockey and Lacrosse Centre.

Construction of the playground, picnic area, ½ basketball court has been completed. 

Pitch Update

Construction of the pitch, fencing and lighting has been completed, see below. This facility is the first Hockey and Lacrosse facility in Hume and will be a great addition to the variety of sports available to Hume residents.  

 Newbury Park - Hockey Field

Hume Hockey and Lacrosse Club 

Council is working with partners Hockey Victoria and Lacrosse Victoria to establish new clubs at the Hume Hockey and Lacrosse Centre.


Junior Hockey Clinics

Junior Hockey clinics run on Monday afternoons for six-week blocks during the school term (between 5pm – 6.30pm). For more information contact Hockey Victoria by phone on 9448 2100 .


 The development of Newbury Park has been made possible through a partnership involving Hume City Council, developer Stockland, Hockey Victoria, Lacrosse Victoria and the Victorian State Government. 

Logo strip State Hume Lacrosse Hockey Stockland

Newbury park concept

For more information on the development of Newbury Park, or if you would like to play hockey or lacrosse or be part of establishing a new club, please phone 9205 2200 or email

Address: 450 Grand Boulevard, Craigieburn 3064

Updated : 5:53 PM, 28 December 2016

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