Footpaths & Drains

Hume City Council is responsible for the management of approximately 1100km of footpaths and shared use paths (bicycle and footpaths). The repair of footpaths is an important focus of Council funding through its Capital Works Program, with $2.6 million being allocated this financial year.

The overall framework for the development of walking paths in Hume, and how footpaths connect with off road walking paths is considered in Council’s Walking and Cycling Strategy 2010-2015.pdf 

We undertake regular condition assessment of the paths network to identify required rehabilitation work. These results are used to form an annual replacement program where focus is given to the removal of major trip hazards, with priority given to areas of high pedestrian generation near shops, schools and community facilities.

How do I report an unsafe or damaged footpath?

To report an unsafe or damaged footpath contact us on 9205 2200 or complete our online request form.

Stormwater Drains/Open Drains/Culverts

Stormwater Drains are located either at the front or rear of the property from the fence to the property line. They have rectangular lids compared to sewerage, which are circular and Telstra which have oval shaped lids. Open Drains exist mainly in rural areas and are an open trench that runs along the side of the road. Open drains can also be referred to as table drains or spoon drains. Culverts are basically a smaller version of an open drain.

How do I report a damaged drain lid?

Damaged drain lids are rectangular in shape and are the responsibility of Council to repair. To report a damaged drain lid contact us on 9205 2200. If the lid is round please contact your local water company. If the damaged pit lid is oval please contact Telstra.

Complaints - Stormwater, Open Drains, Culverts

For complaints about stormwater or open drains and culverts please contact us on 9205 2200 with details about the problem.

Updated : 5:23 PM, 25 July 2013

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