Hume Integrated Land Use and Transport Strategy

The Hume Integrated Land Use and Transport Strategy (HILATS) was launched on Wednesday 8 February at the Hume Civic Plaza in Broadmeadows.

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What is HILATS?

HILATS outlines land-use and transport initiatives aimed at improving transport options for Hume residents, workers and visitors. HILATS aims to create more accessible, liveable and sustainable communities, giving residents full access to jobs, education, and shopping and community facilities by expanding the range of transport choices and modes.

Aims of HILATS

The Strategy is designed to tackle a range of transport challenges, including:

  • reducing our carbon pollution
  • ensuring transport is affordable despite increasing oil prices
  • ensuring transport is accessible, especially for the disadvantaged in our community
  • helping to create healthy active communities.

HILATS addresses these challenges by aiming to reduce car use; increase levels of walking, cycling and public transport; and encouraging more efficient car use.

How HILATS aims to improve transport in Hume

Strategies outlined in HILATS to achieve these aims include:

  • safe and high quality footpaths
  • bike lanes and shared paths
  • public transport which is fast, frequent, affordable and safe, going to where people want to go
  • land use patterns and good urban design to make it convenient and enjoyable to walk, cycle and use public transport
  • promoting sustainable transport and educating the community about the benefits of sustainable transport

HILATS also includes planning for new roads, and upgrades to existing roads both for the trips which will continue to be made by cars, and for efficient bus travel, and to support safe and efficient freight operations to support industry and employment.

Strategies for managing freight include identifying appropriate freight transport corridors, planning for freight generating land uses to be away from residents, and advocating for a greater proportion of freight to be carried by rail.

Decisions about investments in public transport and key road and freight projects are the responsibility of State and Federal Governments. Hume will advocate to the state and federal government for significant improvements in public transport including:

  • bus rapid transit along Aitken Boulevard
  • redevelopment of Broadmeadows, Craigieburn and Upfield Stations
  • new train stations at Jacksons Hill, Lockerbie and Campbellfield
  • increased frequency of bus and train services and extensions of hours of service
  • new bus services to service areas currently poorly served by public transport
  • reviewing public transport fares

Some key road and freight projects that Hume will advocate for include:

  • The Bulla By-pass
  • upgrades to Sunbury Road, Somerton Road, Craigieburn Road and Mickleham Road
  • protecting residents along the Hume rail corridor from noise and diesel emissions
  • establishing an intermodal freight hub to allow more freight to be efficiently carried by rail

Council adopted HILATS in November 2011.

Download the HILAT Strategy.pdf and the detailed HILATS Action Plan.pdf
If you would like a copy of the Strategy to be posted to you, please contact or phone 9205 2200.

Updated : 5:12 PM, 25 July 2013

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