Sunbury Dog Park

Progress to date:

Sunbury Park on Harker Street, Sunbury has been identified as the location for a new dog park following extensive community consultation.


As part of the community consultation period Council held a Dog Park Feasibility Study in 2012 which included mail-outs and on-site information sessions.


Council held a survey and information was mailed out to the community in June 2014 following the release of the Sunbury Dog Park concept plan.


The Sunbury Park Master Plan was adopted in 2015 and includes the Sunbury Dog Park concept plan.

Prior to the adoption of the Sunbury Park Master Plan a consultation period was held in September 2013 following the release of draft plan. Consultations included on-site information sessions, information mail-out, stakeholder consultations and a draft Master Plan consultation mail-out. A survey opportunity to comment on the draft was also available in February 2015.


Two separate planning assessments must now be undertaken before a planning permit can be obtained. This is because the site is under heritage overlay, is part of Crown land and has sensitive vegetation.

Council officers are currently processing these assessments. Upon completion advertising of the planning permit will commence.

Under the Hume Planning Scheme, and general planning process, all neighbouring residents will be briefed about the plans.

The tender for the works closed on 7 April 2016. Assessment of tenders is currently underway and a contractor will be appointed pending approvals of the planning process.

The timeline for future works will depend on feedback and any objections received by Council.

Sunbury Park Aerial View.jpg
Aerial photograph of the location of the proposed Sunbury Dog Park.

Updated : 4:37 PM, 13 April 2016

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