Sunbury HIGAP

Sunbury Hume Integrated Growth Area Plan (HIGAP) 

The township of Sunbury has been identified by State Government for major growth over the coming 30 years and could grow from a township of approximately 35,000 to over 100,000 people.

Sunbury HIGAP is a Council project that will shape the future planning for the growth of Sunbury over the coming 30 years.

The Spatial Strategy and the Delivery and Infrastructure Strategy

Spatial Strategy.pdf and a Delivery and Infrastructure Strategy.pdf have been adopted by Council on 9th July 2012 and outline what changes are necessary in Sunbury to enable sustainable growth.

Specifically the Strategies outline:

  • what the Sunbury township is like now and how it should change
  • how Sunbury's unique qualities and character should be maintained
  • what, where and when new development should occur  including new areas of housing and employment, new areas of open space
  • what, where and when new infrastructure is required to support growth and meet the needs of existing and future communities
  • what further and more detailed work is needed to be undertaken

Previous Discussion Papers

The Strategies have been informed by a series of discussion papers, technical documents and community comment.

Draft Strategies
Draft Spatial Strategy.pdf
Draft Delivery and Infrastructure Strategies.pdf
Schedule of Comments to Draft Strategies.docx

The Preferred Options Paper
Sunbury HIGAP Preferred Options Paper.pdf
Sunbury HIGAP Preferred Options Paper Consultation Update.pdf

The Detailed Options Paper
Sunbury HIGAP Detailed Options Paper.pdf
The HIGAP Sunbury Detailed Options Consultation Report.pdf

The Emerging Options Paper
Sunbury HIGAP Emerging Options Paper.pdf
HIGAP Sunbury Consultation Report.pdf
Community HIGAP Presentation.pdf

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