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ISunbury Streetscape

Council is continuing its streetscape upgrade in the Sunbury Town Centre. Since 2005, Council has been upgrading Sunbury Streetscapes in a staged reconstruction program.

Sunbury Streetscape Update – O’Shanassy Street, West side, between Station and Brook Street

As part of Council’s 2016/17 Capital Works Budget, funding has been committed to continue with the upgrade of the streetscape of Sunbury’s retail district. The streetscape will see the west side of O’Shanassy Street, between Station Street and Brook Street upgraded.

The works will include: 

  • New asphalt pedestrian paths with feature granite paving
  • Removal of 3 existing trees in decline
  • Landscape works including 6 new mature size ‘elm’ trees
  • Street furniture
  • Improved pedestrian lighting
  • Kerb, drainage and asphalt road surfacing improvements
  • No reduction in the on-street car parking

These works will begin on Monday 25 July from Station Street end of O’Shanassy Street and on track to be completed by November 2016.

The Council contract supervisor is Julian Grech (9205 2756). Julian will be on site most days.

Sunbury Street Scape Works - O'Shanassy Street East

Works for O'Shanassy Street, on the east side from Brook Street to Station Street, have been finalised. 

Some key features of the works included:

  • New asphalt pedestrian paths with feature granite paving
  • Removal of five existing trees in decline
  • Landscape works including seven new mature size ‘elm’ trees
  • Street furniture
  • Undergrounding of overhead power lines
  • Improved pedestrian lighting
  • Two new drinking fountains, courtesy of Western Water
  • Kerb, drainage and asphalt road surfacing improvements
  • No reduction in the on-street car parking. One park near Station Street was converted to become a disabled car space.
  • Trees along the length of the street had power conduits installed for the installation of fairy lights, which have been installed.
  • Moveable garden beds have been placed in appropriate locations, to enable continuation of the popular edible plantings activities.

Proposal to Amend the Local Law Guidelines Specific to O'Shanassy Street

  • Due to the unique nature of the east side of O’Shanassy Street with its wide footpath space, it is proposed that the guidelines for local laws are amended to coincide with the streetscape works.  A three metre ‘pedestrian zone’ has been proposed from the shop fronts for the wider section of the path, which narrows back to 2.4 metres in the narrow end of the street,  with the balance of the footpath space available for footpath dining, public seating, bins and other infrastructure. This proposal is based on 'Universal Design Principles' which recommend fair and flexible use of public space for all members of the community.
  • It is also proposed that restaurants and cafes have the option to lease footpath space from Council and install permanent and semi-permanent furniture to help enhance the footpath dining experience. To discuss this proposal further please contact the Sunbury Place Manager, Bruce Marshall on 9205 2200.

Community consultation for this project was conducted on 24 October 2014 which helped inform the final design.

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Sunbury Town Centre Plan

Hume City Council adopted the Sunbury Town Centre Plan in June 2008. This plan identifies future development opportunities to meet the needs of the Sunbury community. The Plan provides directions to investors about preferred locations for investment. The Plan is Hume City Council's vision for the Sunbury Town Centre and encompasses: Built form, preferred development areas, public transport, streetscapes, parking, walking and cycling, traffic management, retail diversity, housing and demographic change.

Download the Sunbury Town Centre Plan.pdf (large file)

Updated : 11:22 AM, 26 July 2016

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