Resource Recovery, Industrial Ecology & Cleantech

Industrial Ecology and Resource Recovery
Industrial Ecology is an exciting and timely framework that provides businesses with a range of opportunities to increase resource recovery and efficiencies, and create closed-loop processes and products for triple bottom line benefits. Industrial Ecology encompasses:

  • Environmentally efficient design, and design inspired by nature (Biomimicry) 
  • Reduced resource consumption
  • Recycling, resource recovery and closed-loop processes to create new products and services from ‘waste’ streams
  • Cleantech businesses; creating clean energy, processes and products
  • Collaborative partnerships between businesses and service providers to share resources and create prosperous business synergies
  • Co-location of businesses to maximise business resource and material flows
  • Business and employment resilience, and increased economic benefits

Industrial Ecology is fast developing networks across Australia to develop sustainable business partnerships and outcomes. The BEN actively supports Industrial Ecology through B2B facilitation, conferences and workshops. 

What is Cleantech?
Cleantech or Clean Technology is a term that describes business and product types that reduce or eliminate negative environmental impact whilst improving the productive and responsible use of natural resources. Cleantech encompasses:

  • Renewable energy generation - e.g. wind, solar, geothermal
  • Energy storage - e.g. fuel cells, thermal storage, batteries
  • Energy efficiency - e.g. smart grid, cogeneration, green buildings
  • Transportation - e.g. electric vehicles, logistics, fuelling/ charging infrastructure, green fuels 
  • Resource recovery - e.g. recycling, closed loop processes, waste to energy
  • Clean industry - e.g. materials innovation, advanced design, equipment innovation, resource efficiency 
  • Water - e.g. efficient use, purification, recycling
  • Agriculture - e.g. building soil carbon, aquaponics, organic farming

Hume Resource Recovery, Green and Cleantech Industry Directory
The following Directory lists Resource Recovery, Green and Cleantech businesses within Hume to facilitate a better understanding of what resources are being recovered, what services are available and what cleantech products are being manufactured in our area.

Hume Resource Recovery Green and Cleantech Industry Directory- May 2016.pdf

For more information on Resource Recovery, Industrial Ecology and Cleantech please visit:

How do I share resource information with other businesses?
If you have any resources you would like to share through the BEN, please fill in the Resource Exchange Information Form below. Resources can include water, energy, 'waste' materials, space, skills, equipment and infrastructure- please be as specific as possible.

Resource Exchange Information Form
Council is collecting this information for the purpose of facilitating resource exchanges between businesses to support environmental impact reduction and resource efficiency. Your submission will be updated on the BEN Resource Classifieds.
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