Visual Merchandising How, When, Where and Why?


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Visual Merchandising - Why? What? Where? and How?

This is a series of 10 short videos will take you through some simple steps to improve your store presentation with only a small amount of time and effort.

Topics include:

Your Annual Check-Up - PDF


VM Hand Book

Follow the link to download the complete Visual Merchandising Hand Book (PDF)

We would like to thank the following businesses for their participation in this project;
Miss Aroura, Mayflower Cakes, Westmeadows Bakery, Floral Creations, Devines, Nikkis Boutique, Al Dente, Kids, Threads & TrendsElusive Style, PeopleHappy Olive Tree, Vic's Food & Wine, Geyers Newsagency, Roquette Bar & Grill, Ireland Florist, Manchester Collection, Body & Balance, Watch Works, Dusk - Broadmeadows, Novo Shoes, Essential Beauty, Milli Lulo, House and Party, BonBons Bakery, Secondhand Mobile Phones, Seyidoglu, Zoes Kitchen, Nuts, Coffee & More, My Home.

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Updated : 11:18 AM, 17 September 2018

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