Sunbury Cultural Commissions

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“Honour the past - value the present – imagine the future"

On Sunday the Sunbury Cultural Commissions project held its third and final Masterclass day in Sunbury. The 10 participants, all Hume-based artists, presented their proposal for an artwork based on their research and access to the George Evans Museum heritage collection.

Participants in the program are:

  • Angela Dexter (dancer),
  • John Patten (indigenous artist),
  • Jacquie Blight (painter),
  • Simon Millet (digital artist),
  • Yelena Ashlapova (sound artist/painter),
  • Kay Abude (textile / performance artist),
  • Kathy Medbury (graphic artist/painter),
  • Gayle Humphrey (sculptor),
  • Shay Downer (graphic artist), and
  • Dr Peter Minard (historian/writer).

The public art mentors are Fiona Hillary and Heather Hesterman, from RMIT’s innovative Community Art and Social Transformation (CAST) - team. 

The range of approaches and points of connection to Sunbury and the collection were widely varied. Covering themes of environment, social history, deep time, personal story and indigenous history,  the myriad artist responses include, murals, installations, sculpture, textiles, dance and ceremonial performance, video, digital art, light and sound works.

The presentations provoked rich conversation among fellow participants and mentors, demonstrating the strength of collaboration and support that has grown from this project over such a brief period. To this end, a number of additional collaborative projects have already arisen from within the group.

The ten artists will now each develop their site-specific work for inclusion in the inaugural exhibition at the new gallery at HGLC Sunbury.

Expressions of interest for stage 2 of the Sunbury Cultural Commissions will open in September 2019. Stage 2 entails the design and development of a permanent public artwork for the HGLC - Sunbury.

Enquiries: Hume Community Development Arts and  Culture Team
                  Ph: 9205 2694 or 9356 6117

Updated : 9:47 AM, 26 July 2019

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