Jacksons Hill alternative entry / exit road

The proposed southern link from Jacksons Hill was initially planned to be ‘Viaduct Way’, but this route was determined not to be feasible due to restrictions on a road passing under the historic railway bridge near the southern boundary of Jacksons Hill.

As an alternative way of providing a southern connection to Jacksons Hill, the Yirrangan Road alignment was developed, which would provide a connection to the existing Buckland Way, which connects to Watsons Road.

The section of Yirrangan Road to the south of Jacksons Hill is part of the Sunbury South Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) approved in 2018 and amended in late 2019 coinciding with the approval of the Sunbury South and Lancefield Road Infrastructure Contribution Plan (Sunbury ICP). The delivery of the link is specifically outlined in the vision of the Sunbury South PSP and is a priority infrastructure delivery item for Council. 

Updated : 4:02 PM, 13 January 2020

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