Mapping the Hume Jobs and Skills Ecosystem

Mapping Hume Jobs and Skills Ecosystem image

A snapshot of employment and education supports.

Hume City Council commissioned mapping of community assets to identify the number of employment and education- related programs and services offered in Hume City. Researched and developed by Victoria University’s Pathways in Place, this report presents the findings on the current state of employment, education and training service provision within Hume municipality.

A series of seven spatial maps were generated to depict the community resource data.

• Map 1: Employment organisations

• Map 2: Education and training organisations

• Map 3: Other organisations

• Map 4: Employment programs/services

• Map 5: Education and training programs/services

• Map 6: Other programs/services

• Map 7: Workforce Australia service replacement

These maps are contained in the Mapping Hume Jobs Skills Ecosystem report(PDF, 5MB).