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    Programs and Activities
    Keep the kids entertained these school holidays with a range of low-cost programs and activities at Hume City Council's leisure centres.
    Sports, Recreation and Parks
    Find local sports and recreation opportunities, and discover a local park near you.
    Parks Victoria Junior Ranger
    Get outdoors and exploring nature with a real park ranger!
    Parks & Reserves in Hume
    Hume City has more than 700 parks, walkways and reserves, each park and reserve is listed by suburb location.
    Summer Snake Safety
    Find out more about how to stay safe around snakes and what to do if you spot a snake on your property or in a public place.
    Living with Kangaroos
    Kangaroos inhabit rural areas and many parklands across Hume City. As urban development expands, human encounters with kangaroos will increase. Find out more on how to keep yourself and kangaroos safe and who to call if you do encounter a kangaroo.
    Disability Programs
    We provide a large range of programs and services that support people with disabilities and their families.
    Aina Crawford
    Aina started volunteering as part of her training to become a typist, but continues her volunteer role as Secretary of Hume U3A 15 years after she qualified.
    How to Guide
    Did you know almost half of what we throw away in our garbage bins each week could go into a compost bin or worm farm? Find out about composting and worm farms.
    Our community will benefit from largest ever infrastructure spend.

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