Direct Debit changes for Swim and Play Direct Debit Members

We need to make some changes to our Learn to Swim computer software system...

This change will affect direct debit payments, and will move the scheduled payment dates to a fortnightly basis which will now occur on a Monday. 

This will commence from Monday 7 October 2019, and will result in one combined pro rata payment on Monday 7 October for each person enrolled. This includes the pro rata fee for the fortnight between Monday 23 September – Sunday 6 October, and for the whole fortnight commencing Monday 7 October. 

Please note no direct debits will take place between Monday 23 September – Sunday 6 October, and you will pay the same overall amount between 23 September – 20 October.  

To ensure a smooth payment process, please ensure there are enough funds in your account for both fortnightly payments on Monday 7 October. We will advise you the amount per child by email or letter. 

If you haven’t received a personalised email or letter by 30 September, please speak with our staff for more information. 

To assist this process, between Monday 16 September – Sunday 22 September, we will not be processing any swapping of classes. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. This is a necessary process to improve the administrative efficiencies of our service.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why is the amount debited on 7 October higher than normal?  

Your nominated bank account won’t be debited between Monday 23 September – Sunday 6 October for your Swim & Play membership payments as we move to the new software system. Instead, you will be charged a pro rata amount for this fortnight, that is calculated to Sunday 6 October.  On Monday 7 October, you will be debited the pro rata amount for the previous fortnight, and for the fortnight commencing 7 October.

For example, if your debit date was due on Thursday 26 September, you will not be debited on this day, and will instead have a pro rata amount of 11 days for this fortnight. For a family with one child, this equates to a pro rata of $23.55 instead of the usual $29.95. Your debit on Monday 7 October will total $53.50 (Recall that there were no fortnightly direct debits processed between Monday September 23 – Sunday 6 October). 

Am I paying more money?  

No. The total amount you pay on Monday 7 October may be higher than normal, but this debit includes the pro rata amount from the previous fortnight (Monday September 23 – Sunday 6 October), and the fortnight commencing Monday 7 October. Over this whole period, the total amount you will pay is the same.

Does this affect my access or membership? 

You will still be able to enjoy the same benefits of your membership as normal – including reciprocal access to all aquatic areas of our Leisure centres during this time.

Can I change the day my account is debited?  

We need to move all member direct debits to a Monday during this transition to a new management system. Any requests for a change of debit day for extenuating circumstances will need to be applied for in writing to the Learn to Swim Team Leader. 

Why am I being charged on the school holidays?  

Your Swim and Play membership is charged for 48 weeks of the year and provides you with 52 weeks of access. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause; however, this is necessary to improve the administrative efficiencies of our service. If you have any questions, please speak to our friendly customer service staff. 

Updated : 11:57 AM, 10 September 2019

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